what classes have you taken this year? asked by optimism-e

A Women’s Studies History course where we analyze utopias and read utopian and dystopian fiction by women and what not.

Intro to Painting: We paint. 

Human Sexuality: A science course and we learn about sex, sexuality, gender identity, STIS, anatomy, psychological responses and heaps more.

Intro to Photography: Done several projects including landscape, portraits and am currently picking up a photojournalism project about three friends, all breastfeeding moms. Going to try and debunk the stigma of public breastfeeding!

Hollywood Film: Around 100 or so kids all gather in this movie theater auditorium of sorts and we have a lecture about a film, then we watch the film. Then there’s another class-time with less kids (about 20) and we have a more intimate discussion about it and compare it to other films, look at specific frames etc.

I really like your introvert video. It made me feel happy. asked by nikkiefiftycole

Oh my goodness! Thank you, I’m glad c: